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 Erotic stories is an erotic story post and an adult community of readers and writers that are interested in stories which are sexual, taboo and often times depict extreme sexual situations. Many of the topics that the stories cover are considered by many communities to be too taboo and controversial to discuss. We have made it our policy to not censor any of the writings which are posted here. We do not practice or advise people to take part in any of the acts which are in these stories, especially any acts that are illegal in anyway. The erotic stories are all fictional and are only for entertainment and educational purposes. Some of the taboo sexual topics include, teen sexuality, incest, group sex, transsexuals, lesbians, gay, celebrities, erotic poetry, anal sex, fetish, shemale, bondage, mind control, supernatural fantasies, hardcore S&M, interracial/ethnic sex, forced sex and/or nonconsensual sex, virgins, shaving, tit fucking, slut wife, animal and pretty much any other possible sexual topic which can be imagined. If any of these things offend you or make you uncomfortable please leave.

  21 May   3 June
  (.) Get away   (.) A Great Massage
  (.) Love bound by steel   (.) Room Switcheroo
  (.) The summer of   (.) Hot Waitress
  (.) Playing solo   (.) Chat Buddy, Fuck Buddy
  16 May   2 June
  (.) Office politics & sexual   (.) Pulling an All-Nighter
  (.) German woman   (.) Fast Food Fuck
  (.) Outside activities   (.) Blow Job Beginner
  (.) Private time   (.) Backdoor Birthday
  13 May   1 June
  (.) Model   (.) Quickie Mart
  (.) Your partner   (.) Co-Worker Kim
  (.) Cum   (.) On the Phone...In Person
  (.) First story   (.) Dorm Room Lap Dance