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Now the only jokes that are working are the bar jokes, the other jokes will be avaiable very soon.
Bar Jokes
A collection of some of the finest adult bar jokes, and drinking humor anywhere on the web.
Redneck Jokes
Trailer trash beware. It's time poke a little fun at the good 'ol boys. You know who you are!
Blonde Jokes
Everything from blonde questions and answers to full blown (sic) humorous blonde stories.
Sex Jokes
Time to get down and dirty with some of the rudest sex jokes on the web. I can see you blushing already ;)
Ethnic Jokes
Just a little fun on the differences between our many nationalities and how we all love each other!
Tasteless Jokes
These are the sick jokes. In fact some are not just sick, not even wounded, they're downright depraved!
Little Johnny
A classic collection of an old favorite joke style. How could we miss out our very own little Johnny.
Weird Jokes
If you get these jokes, I suppose that says something about your character.
Medical Humor
How we love to heed the advice of a bunch of white coated maniacs who drink and smoke more than us.
Women Jokes
Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Can take the piss out of them on the internet (so brave)!
Men Jokes
Run for the hills boys, it's time for the ladies to extract a little well earned revenge!
Yo Mamma
Apparently yo mamma is so, ugly, fat, stupid, whatever... The perfect place to end an intellectual dispute!